CCFM Project

The Census and Cataloging oF Music sources project.

In 1999, after a special agreement with the Piedmont Region, the Institute for Musical Heritage in Piedmont onlus – heir of the Piedmontese Association for the Reserach of Music Sources founded in 1986 – continues the work of recognition, description and protection of musical sources preserved by public and private institutions present throughout the regional territory. The impressive research includes:

  • The systematic census of music collection owned by public and private institutions (libraries, archives, museums, parishes, music conservatories and schools, bands and philharmonics, clubs, pro loco, SOMS, cultural associations, etc.); collecting informations relating to the heritage is collected (printed or handwritten music, choral codes and books, texts for music, musical instruments, iconographic documents, letters, catalogs, lists of possession, various documents concerning the musical activity) and relating to the registry of institutions present throughout the regional territory;
  • The inventory of musical funds preserved mainly in the Capitular Libraries of the Dioceses present in the Piedmont area;
  • Cataloging in SBN Web of the most prestigious bibliographic collections. Until today the Institute has mainly cataloged the collections of opera librettos preserved in the most important Turin institutions such as the National University Library, the Royal Library, the Historical Library of the Province, the “Andrea Della Corte” Civic Musical Library, the Historical Archive of the City of Turin, the Library and Historical Archive of the Teatro Regio (Royal Theatre).

An integral part of the project is the publication of bibliographical repertoires and catalogs of musical funds: the data collected were and will be the subject of specific publications in the Catalogs Collection of Piedmont Music Funds.

Furthermore, the data collected on the artistic heritage of musical interest over a twenty-year period of acitivity are almost entirely available on the ISTAMPIE portal – created on the Collective-Access software. The portal integrates the various databases with which the Institute for Musical Heritage in Piedmont has collected this information.



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