Vivaldi project

For a series of fortunate coincidences, one of the greatest “treasures” of the musical eighteenth century is kept at the National University Library of Turin in the two collections, already belonged to Count Giacomo Durazzo (1717-1794) and now named after Mauro Foà and Renzo Giordano.

These collections include, inter alia, 27 volumes, mostly autographed, containing the most impressive corpus of music by Antonio Vivaldi in the world: about 300 concerts, about sixty compositions of sacred music, numerous cantatas and arias and about twenty melodramas, some of which are incomplete.

In order to enhance this heritage, the Institute for Musical Heritage in Piedmont, in collaboration with the Parisian record label Naive and with the support of the Piedmont Region, the Fondazione CRT (CRT Foundation) and the Compagnia di San Paolo of Turin, has launched an impressive project that will proposes to publish on CD (about 120 are planned, divided into eight series) all the Vivaldi music present in the Turin manuscripts.

Launched in 2000, the Vivaldi Edition project, which has already received authoritative recognition, makes use of the contribution of soloists and vocal and instrumental ensembles that have established themselves internationally.



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